Happiness Starts inside Your Mind

Why is it that when we hear a group of people laughing, we naturally want to know what is making them laugh? We want some of that happy juice too. If you notice, young kids tend to laugh a lot. So many things make them laugh, and it’s easy for them to be in that joyful energy. That is the key kids are very present in the moment.

Happiness starts with your thoughts and your perspective. Whatever your mind is focused on is what bubbles up into your entire being. Your smile is a key indicator of your physical happiness level.

When you want to embrace more happiness in your life, focus on what you are thinking about and how those thoughts make you feel. And then, think about something that makes you really happy like playing with puppies, an adventure with your family or a day at the spa. Visualize it. Notice the feelings you have when you are thinking about the great things in your life.

When you are immersed in happy thoughts, it shows on the outside. You resonate at a different frequency and other people are drawn to you. Yes, they want the happy juice too. And when you are angry, sad or frustrated, guess which people are drawn to you. Yes, angry, sad and frustrated people who are operating on that frequency.

When you want more happiness, set your intention to focus on the things that bring joy into your life. Feel that happy feeling on the inside and it will show on the outside. Then you can have a very happy day every day!