Who Is On Your Team?

Many studies look at reasons businesses fail. Business education teaches the nuts and bolts of accounting, marketing, technology and human resources, along with other topics. I like to look at what makes a business successful. One of the most important factors is the people. Do not forget that people are an asset to your organization. The people are your team. It’s critical to have the right people on your team.

When I start with new clients, they sometimes tell me they have no team. This means they are solo-entrepreneurs. I respectfully correct them. As business owners, they have bankers, accountants, perhaps someone helping with a website, advertising and so much more. These professionals are on your team. The other people in your organization are your vendors, partners and affiliates. Learn to leverage them to most effectively support you and your business.

Interview non-employees as if you are hiring them, because you are bringing them on to support you. I like to review at least three candidates. As you talk to them, notice these attributes:

Are they competent in their expertise? Can they explain in easy terms you understand, or do they intimidate you?

Do they seem to care about your business? Do they understand your products and services?

Do you connect with them?

My grandfather started a business that my brothers still operate. My brother told me that he was taught to hire the best person qualified technically. He has learned to hire the best person with people skills every time. This does not mean hire unqualified people. It means to be discerning as you hire, whether it is an employee, a service provider, a vendor, or another team member. This will allow you to bring the best support to you and to your clients.

Your team is a critical success factor for your company. Make it count.