Developing Your Leadership Qualities Invites Success

Business education and studies often look at reasons businesses fail. What makes them successful? One of the most important factors is the people. You, the leader, are the most important person in your company. A Gallup Poll between 2013 and 2015 reviewed the reasons people think businesses fail. The most critical element was the leader. Let’s look at five qualities of successful leaders and how to develop them.

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Harmony Through Conflict

Harmony Through Conflict

When I was three years old my mother was holding me in line at a grocery store.  A man in front of us turned around and said what a pretty little girl I was.  I responded with, “No I’m not…I’m adopted.”

Age 14 was the first time I had a failed attempt at suicide.  There would be two more attempts later in life.  A year before that my brother was in a car accident and was deemed brain damaged.  Before the accident he was the only one I felt truly understood me.

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