YOU Don’t Have to Be the Best to Get the Best Results

There are times when you will volunteer or someone will assign you with the responsibility to deliver a result and you have very little to no experience.  Either you are a risk-takerIMG_1498
or the person who selects you knows you are capable of delivering.  Particularly in the latter situation, you may feel otherwise and lack of confidence in your ability.  The good news is you do not have to be the best to get the best results.

Earlier this year I was asked to chair a contest. I attended only one of these contests before, consequently, I had very little experience. This was a responsibility of a bigger role I possessed and there was no backing out. In addition, this contest was attended by leaders in our organization several ranks higher than me. The only help I had was a brochure on how to put on contests, so I thought.  After pondering how I would tackle this challenge, I decided to recruit the best of the best on my team to fill the many roles in the contest. I successfully filled my roles with experienced people and delivered one of the best contests of the season.  This same thing is possible for you.

You will face the same situation. You may have to organize an event for a charity, or your boss put you in charge of a new project, or you are an entrepreneur and have to manage all components of your business.  In any case, you do not have to be the best at everything and you do not have to do it alone.  Here are quick tips to help you succeed:

  • Determine the major and minor roles. Recruit people for the most important roles first. Ask around, who has the most experience in this role or with this project? When you ask someone to participate with you, let them know you sought them out because of their expertise with this project or role. Make sure you give them plenty of compliments so they feel great about helping you.
  • Determine your timeline. You need to know when the event is and how much time you have to recruit your team. Recruit early.  Give people enough time to check their calendars and say “yes” to you. You will reduce your stress and risk with this step.
  • Find a coach or mentor. Definitely one of the biggest moves you can make is to recruit a coach or mentor. This person has been in your shoes and knows the frequent mistakes and what to do to be successful. A coach or mentor can help you see things you may not see from your perspective. They are also your biggest cheerleader which you will need when things get stressful.
  • Pay-it-forward. Start now volunteering to help others with their projects. Be proactive and ask those who you think are the best to be a part of their teams. You have a 90% guarantee they will say “yes” to you when you need them. Assuming you give them enough time to commit.
  • Be a mentor. Help a person who is getting started in your business or organization. Lead them and guide them through their experiences. These people may not be experts yet, however, you are helping them to be experts in the future. These team members are very valuable and happy to fulfill minor roles.
  • Give public thanks. Experts are helping you out. Make sure you help them back by giving them public recognition for a job well-done. This ensures you will have their willingness and desire to help you the next time you are in charge.


You can accomplish anything you set your mind to or are assigned to when you follow these tips. Accept the challenge ahead of you and commit to making it a success.  Enjoy the journey with the wonderful team of people you recruit. This is a blessing in disguise and the best part of taking on the project.

Happy Selling!

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