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Lee Richter is an innovator and for more than 30 years, she has built successful and dynamic community-driven businesses. Her unique vision and system generate massive results, proven by her highly successful companies, which produce millions of dollars, hundreds of jobs, support communities and educate thousands of people all over the world. Lee has been working with happiness experts for many years and ShareHappinessNow.com is her passion project she shares with the world.

Happiness Starts inside Your Mind

Why is it that when we hear a group of people laughing, we naturally want to know what is making them laugh? We want some of that happy juice too. If you notice, young kids tend to laugh a lot. So many things make them laugh, and it’s easy for them to be in that joyful energy. That is the key kids are very present in the moment.

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How to Be Happier at Work

To be happier at work, you must become intentional about it-to make it a conscious daily choice. It is the same as making the decision to live a healthy lifestyle.

Here are three ways to be happier at work:

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Connection to Your Community Matters! 

When I think of cultivating community, I think of the many important communities with whom I share my love, expertise and attention.

First, there is my personal community with my family and friends who mean the world to me. Second, there is my work community with leaders and co-workers who come together around a common vision and who enhance my life greatly. Then, there is my community of clients and customers that my team and I serve and honor. In addition, there are my neighbors, fellow business owners and community leaders with whom I have caring relationships. And don’t overlook another community: our online community. Social media has expanded our reach into the world more than I ever imagined.

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Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

As we go through each day we make more choices than we can count. Some are conscious, like what will I wear today? and some are unconscious as we grab milk or cream to add to our coffee. Sometimes making choices can frustrate us, overwhelm us or even freeze us in our path.

The next time you notice that choices are challenging you take a moment, take a deep breathe and shift your perspective. Look at choices from the mindset that you have the freedom to make choices for your life. You can decide to go to the gym or not. You can choose to walk or drive, you can select going to bed early versus staying up late.

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Embrace Happiness to Brighten Your Future in 2017

Did you ever take a class about “Happiness?” I wish it had been offered in my high school or the college I attended.

In 2011, someone I knew and cared about killed herself and it was a shock to me. I realized how unhappy she had been. Because I knew I never wanted that to be me, I began to focus more on my happiness. I brought a happiness coach into my life and took classes to learn that happiness is a choice. It is. We can choose to be happy or not. I began to offer classes to my team to share happiness with them too. Some of them told me that it made a profound difference in their lives at work and at home.

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Happy People Inspire More Happy People!

lee-richter-print-image-6When we share happiness, we get happier. It is contagious, like laughing at a funny joke. When we are happier in life, we are 31 percent more productive, have 37 percent higher sales, and are 300 percent more creative. Just think, when you’re at Best Buy, you want to purchase that TV from the happy guy, not the grumpy one. It’s just natural to gravitate toward people who are happy. 

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Living My Life with Ease

lee-richter-print-image-5Living life in gratitude and ease is my goal. I know what it is like to struggle and be in pain. When I survived a near-fatal car accident in 2002, I learned that life is not always easy. I also learned that my mindset creates the experience I live. I’d rather be in abundance and happiness than in victim mode or negativity.

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Happiness Starts inside Your Mind

LeeR print 4 graphic 3Why is it that when we hear a group of people laughing, we naturally want to know what is making them laugh?  We want some of that happy juice, too. And if you notice, young kids tend to laugh a lot. So many things make them laugh, and it’s easy for them to be in that joyful energy. That is the key—kids are very present in the moment.

Happiness starts with our thoughts and our perspective. Whatever your mind is focused on is what bubbles up into your entire being. Your smile is a key indicator of your physical happiness level.

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Collaboration is Fun and Rewarding

Lee Richter Print 3When I go to work, I am excited to see what my amazing team and I will create together. We love to bring value to our customers, our community and the world. We brainstorm with our customers and ask them what would improve their experience.

Through collaboration, we make a plan and a timeline of what we want to accomplish, and then the magic happens. We organize our resources and time to accomplish our dreams.

•    We focus on WHAT we are doing and WHO is on the development team.
•    We plan HOW and WHEN we are going to do it.
•    We determine WHY we want to do it.

When we are clear on WHY, everything falls into place with ease.

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